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Business & Spirituality

Spirituality provides a framework for values and ethics. It brings transportation, compassion and a deep understanding of the well-being of both individuals and society as a whole. By paying attention to both material and spiritual aspects of business organizations can become more sustainable and socially responsible, which is more profitable and meaningful in the long run..

We are Change Makers

We help you make the transformation from old to new leadership. hierarchy, authoritarianism and a focus on profit maximization at the expense of other important aspects such as employee welfare, sustainability and social responsibility to an emphasis on empowerment, inclusivity and promoting a culture of trust and cooperation. Become future-proof with a detailed BS scan from GimsGiy!

Unforgettable Moments

While online networking and communication are important, in-person meetings can be an invaluable addition to cultivating deep relationships, building trust, and transcending the human aspects of interaction. That’s why we organize a live events. Not only in being able to better see and feel each other’s emotions, but also in creating a positive work environment.

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What ‘GimsGiy World’ Does?

The Founder of GimsGiy World is Ida Rinsampessy. She has laid the foundation for the new entrepreneurship, in which she firmly believes in. Entrepreneurship that merges with spirituality leads to new leadership. Nowadays GimsGiy World helps companies transform from ‘old leadership’ to ‘new leadership’ because traditional leadership styles no longer meet the demands of a rapidly changing and complex business environment. We emphasize empowerment, inclusivity, and fostering a culture of trust and collaboration. We recognize the value of diversity and inclusion, thus the role of emotional intelligence in leadership. This transformation allows companies to better respond to change, stimulate innovation and have a positive impact on their employees and society as a whole. The ‘new leadership’ contributes to creating resilient and sustainable organizations that not only pursue financial results, but also strive for a positive impact on people and the planet.


We have experience in various sectors

The last 15 years we developed several projects.
Some for the municipality of Amsterdam, some for companies such as a yearly summerschool, institute for tutoring & education, organizing an international sports tournament and several business plans for startups, for example a catering company in Amsterdam or one of the largest gyms in Amsterdam IJburg.

This is a small impression of successful completed projects:

Recognition of the Provincial Councils of VVD

Ida Rinsampessy (GimsGiy World) was the projectmanager of the Center for Leisure. The Provincial Council of the VVD, mister Köksal Gör and mister Hans van Straaten, have put Ida in the spotlight because of her drive and achievements in the field of sports and her social involvement as an entrepreneur.

Project: Multicultural Center in Amsterdam

The municipality of Amsterdam asked in 2011 to set up a Multi Cultural Center. The location was 400m2 and in the new neighborhood we developed a center where 200 children per week could participate in their activities. From sports, cooking, painting, philosophizing or listening to a storyteller

Project complete Businessplan Fitness Center IJburg

Creating a businessplan is not for everyone. We made a total plan for one of the largest fitness schools in Amsterdam IJburg, as well as establishing contact with the landlord, the Municipality of Amsterdam. After being very succesfully for years, this gym was taken over by a large fitness chain in 2022.​


Our Pricing

A future Business scan is specifically for freelancers or private individuals.

We offer for small companies (1 or 3 employees) the Professional Plan a total employer/employee scan in which we map out the balance between the two.
We provide written advice for both processes after the scan.

Big companies? Prices on request

Future Business Scan

SoulKey Plan

3 sessions 1 hour

1 month Support

€ 3.995

Per Month

Professional Plan

Spiritual Business Scan

Spiritual Scan + Recommendations

1 month Support

€ 9.995

Per Month

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